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2018/09/21 0

How to join Lv Guchuan

1. The agent how to do?

A: only need according to the agent system on the table level it is ok to take the goods, without any other fees!

2. We can not sell out really can back?

A: yes! One of the two basic policy of the company, within three months can not sell the original price, no depreciation cost, without fee, full refund, zero risk!

3. The company has a training (won't do to do)?

Answer: the company has a system of training, the team also has the training, and the boss of one-on-one attention, even if you now what all can't, as long as willing to learn can do!

4. What level from the start I do better?

A: if you just want to try the effect, can take a first 5 boxes feelings to try;

If you are satisfied with the effect has been, wanted to do, the official start of the advice directly to get the ability within the scope of the highest level, so that we can get the highest profit, and high level easier to recruit their own agent.

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The official total generation Hui-hui wang.

Contact phone number/WeChat: 17513511126

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